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  • If Jesus Is The Messiah How Come No Rabbi Believes In Him

    The truth is, this statement is based on a false assumption. There have been many great rabbis among the Jews who came to faith in Jesus. But you have probably never heard of them, since the Jewish community casts them out and slanders them as soon as it comes to

  • Why Is It Called An Ark?

    When we talk about “The Ark” in the Bible, we could either be talking about the Ark of the Covenant, or Noah’s Ark. The funny thing is that even though we use the same word in English, the words in Hebrew are different. And yet, the description of detailed instructions

  • Michael Goldstone – How I Met Messiah!

    ABOUT ‘I MET MESSIAH’ PROJECT Written by Eitan Bar (ONE FOR ISRAEL). Eitan BarShalom! Welcome to I MET MESSIAH project! These are Messianic Jews – Jewish people who believe that Jesus is the promised Messiah of Israel. In fact, we commonly refer to Jesus as Yeshua, which is Hebrew for