Romans Course

Welcome to our discipleship course reading through Romans. Why read a Hebrew translation when you could read an English translation way faster and then have more time for Netflix? Because this letter may have been written in Greek, but the context is an observant Jew named Saul who grew up in Jerusalem and described himself as a “Hebrew of Hebrews”. And we climb right into his Hebrew mind in these studies. Watch the first one free for more on that.
Romans 11:25-36 (53 minutes)
~What do you feel when you hear that “all Israel will be saved”?
~What’s the concrete physical action behind forgiveness?
~Old covenants were made in blood and gore, and so was the new
~The Jewish people are God’s chosen people…chosen to what?
~How did early Christian antisemitism become a thing?
~Do you really believe that everything is from God and is though and for him?
Romans 11:16-26(58 minutes)
~Did you know there were two 10% tithes and a 1% tithe?
~There are two words for grafting in and one also means to bless!
~Is it just Gentiles, or do Jews need to be grafted in too?
~Once again, Paul speaks with overwhelming hope for the future of Israel.
~How does it change things to know the hardening was partial and temporary?
Romans 11:1-15

(62 minutes)
~Will ‘The Art of Biblical Cursing’ be the next Christian best-seller?
~That shalomy feeling you get when you’re finally debt-free
~How do you provoke the Jews without bugging them or being a jerk?
~Does Judaism acknowledge the possibility of vicarious atonement? YES.
~What’s the Torah’s special name for the Festival of Sukkot?

Romans 10:9-21
 (53 minutes)
~Is “say the sinner’s prayer and you’ll go to heaven” a false gospel?
~What should a Jewish person do/not do to confess Yeshua?
~Why does the Hebrew word for thanks literally mean to throw stuff?
~How is Middle Eastern honour culture different than Western culture?
~The Gospel is a story and it’s time to recover the art of storytelling.
Romans 10:1-8

(50 minutes)
~What’s the difference between Yeshua and Yeshuah?
~Here’s how to turn your jealousy into a positive force
~If “Christ is the end of the law” is the Torah done away with?
~Paul totally quoted verses out of context, was that ok?
~Tips for doing your own in-depth word studies
Romans 9:17-33

(67 minutes)
~The Hebrew word for patience means to take a long breath
~Do you love the Old Testament and read it as much as the apostle Paul did?
~The authors of Scripture came from Middle Eastern honour cultures
~Christianity’s a religion of faith and Judaism of works, true or false?
~How do different Hebrew NTs render this verse about whether Christ is God?
Romans 9:1-16 (49 minutes)
~The context of Paul’s letters is deep gut-wrenching love for the Jewish community
~The main point of Romans 9-11 is NOT predestination, it’s ISRAEL FOREVER.
~Want to see more of the glory of God in your life and church? Here’s how.
~Don’t hide your antisemitism behind verses from Paul taken out of context
~Here’s an example of Hebrew wordplay in the Epistle to the Romans

Romans 8:28-39 (41 minutes)
~Here’s what to do if your Bible reading is getting boring
~Falling in love with a god sounds like mythology but it’s real
~What if foreknowledge and predestination don’t mean what you think?
~If you like glitter and sparkles this is the best news EVER
~Yeshua is interceding for you right now and it’s the stuff of superheroes

Romans 8:12-27 (43 minutes)
~How do I emphatically emphasize something in Hebrew?
~Things go bad when Paul’s read out of context, here’s an example
~”Abba” isn’t actually Hebrew and doesn’t always mean Daddy
~Who or what do you focus on and rally to? That’s your hope.
~Meditation on the physics of glorification and immortality

Romans 8:1-11 (53 minutes)
~Why isn’t Yeshua pronounced “Yay”shua”? Isn’t that a tzere vowel?
~The baptism in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of…Torah-observance?
~Why does everyone have roughly the same idea of a perfect world?
~Did you ever notice how “goofy” your body “guf” is?
~What do I do with those mysterious abbreviations in the footnotes?

Romans 7:13-25 (45 minutes)
~Yeshua was the Law made flesh, like a walking talking Torah scroll
~How to use the Jewish “Pardes” hermeneutic in your Hebrew studies
~Jews get their name from a verb meaning to verbally acknowledge God
~”Draw near” and “in the midst” mean right inside, that’s God and us
~The real you delights in God’s Torah because ultimately it’s spiritual

Romans 7:1-12 (41 minutes)
~Here’s what to do if you’re reading Hebrew and don’t know a word
~Do you have a relationship with the Bible, or the God of the Bible?
~How many reasons did God have for giving the Torah to Israel?
~It may surprise you which gender law and commandments are in Hebrew
~Do you truly believe the 613 commandments are right and good?

Romans 6:1-23 (67 minutes)
~There are three Hebrew words for resurrection and only one means that
~Let’s meditate on the spiritual union we can have the Mashiach
~Here are some goofy puns to help you remember words better
~Does “not under the law” mean the Torah’s been done away with?
~Izzy shares several of his near-death experiences never told before!
~What is this rarely-used synonym for Torah telling you to do?

Romans 5:12-21 (61 minutes)
~”Ben Adam” was Yeshua’s favourite title for himself…why?
~You’d be surprised just how prophetic Jacob’s name was in Hebrew
~Storytellers define culture, it’s why I’m so passionate about Yeshua Groups
~To become embittered and to rebel are the same word, can you relate?
~Meditation on Mashiach’s chesed/devotion and shema/obedience
~Why was the Law given? Was there one reason, or many? 

Romans 5:1-11 (45 minutes)
~Having “shalom with God” means you can be 100% real with him
~How are Hasidic Jews a profound picture of New Testament grace?
~What’s the physical action behind the Hebrew word for perseverance?
~The Hebrew word for reconciliation has so much wisdom for relationships
~Story about Izzy reading word by word through the Torah for the first time
~Story about Izzy as a Bible Quizzer memorizing books of the New Testament

Romans 4:1-25 (57 minutes)
~”Father Abraham”…what does that mean, that we’re all Jewish?
~If you don’t read Paul in context you’ll go cray, here are two examples
~What if the conspiracy theory about Jews taking over the world is true…and good?
~How do the Jewish baptismal tank and the Israeli national anthem picture hope?
~There are three Hebrew words for resurrection, here’s what each means

Romans 3:21-31 (42 minutes)
~How did the Shema influence the thinking of the apostles?
~Is it faith in Yeshua, or the the faith of Yeshua?
~What’s the OT equivalent of the NT word for grace?
~Paul used “law” with several different meanings, here they are
~The story of how reading the Hebrew Bible saved Izzy’s faith

Romans 3:9-20 (42 minutes)
~Yes there’s one Torah for all, but which laws apply to which people?
~Translating “torah” as law is misleading, but here’s why it happens
~”Holy TONGUE Institute” would be technically right, but just wrong
~The law is about waaaay more than just showing you how bad you are!
~James used the metaphor of Torah as mirror…there are two sides to that.

Romans 3:1-8 (45 minutes)
~What does “Neither Jew nor Gentile in Christ” mean? No more Jewish people?
~How can the Zionist movement and state of Israel be of God when they’re secular?
~Who were the sons of Belial? Who the heck was Belial anyway?
~Why does every single translation phrase “may it never be” differently?
~Why does Scripture say that God is justified? Did he do something wrong?

Romans 2:14-29 (49 minutes)
~A rant about end-times hype versus the fundamentals of discipleship
~How justification by faith changed Izzy’s grandfather’s life
~”Understanding” this Hebrew word will make your relationships waaay better
~The first time praise is mentioned it’s men talking about a gorgeous woman
~Example of the difference between Delitzsch and Salkinson’s NT translations

Romans 2:1-13 (35 minutes)
~”Sons of man” is actually gender-inclusive in Hebrew
~Shalom means payback!
~Paul wasn’t a racist, but he acknowledged a Jew/Gentile distinction
~You were created with a craving for glory, and that craving is good
~The Hebrew word for rebellious means bitter, negative, reactionary

Romans 1:16-32 (60 minutes)
~Was Paul a racist for saying “for the Jew first”?
~Mashiach means priest or king
~Save means rescue, give victory, make you win
~Jew comes from the verb to thank and praise God

WATCH FREE: Romans 1:1-15 (54 minutes)
~Elephant in the room: why read the New Testament in Hebrew?
~Saul’s name wasn’t changed to Paul
~Calling Gentiles “saints” was a Jewish bombshell
~You can’t love someone you’re not listening to
~The Hebrew phrases for abunch of things

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