Do You Have A Poverty Mindset?

There is a Law of Gratitude and you must conform with the law in order to get results…

This law is the natural principle of action and reaction which is cosmic and universal, or to elaborate and elucidate further, it simply means that whatever you impress on your subconscious mind will be expressed.

The state of being grateful or thankful with being conscious of benefits that you receive. It is important to realize that expressing gratitude through praise and thanksgiving can start in any area of your life and bring about immediate joyous results.

It is impossible to speak words of gratitude without feeling a flow of positive energy that flows through you and lifts your whole being. How about taking some time right now and begin to express being grateful which will show that you are well pleased.

Join the psalmist David.. “Let us come before his presence with thanksgiving (Ps 95:2Ps 95:2
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The whole process of mental, spiritual and material riches may be summed up in one word, gratitude. A grateful thought for any good received is in itself a prayer from the heart and blesses you. A man with a grateful heart is a happy man and a wealthy man. Shakespeare said; “O Lord, who lends me life, lend me a heart replete with thankfulness.”
– Joseph Murphy

The first thing that you have to do is accept totally and unequivocally that there is a Limitless Intellectual Power from which all things emanate. Secondly you have to have confidence and believe that this Unseen Force responds to the nature of your thoughts, and thirdly you must relate yourself to this Infinite Intelligence by a deep feeling of inner gratitude.

You have to believe that the Universe is willing to offer you everything that you need, and you must focus on things that bring happiness, joy and peace. Being bitter and critical prevents progress from coming into your environment. After applying The Law of Gratitude for a while, it becomes a self-fulfilling forecast because the things you choose to pay attention to will manifest in your life.

Be grateful for everything that you have because multitudes of people are kept in poverty because they do not embrace a spirit of gratitude.

Many people remain in poverty because they are not grateful for what they have. They are constantly comparing themselves to others and are finding themselves coming up inadequate or lacking.

The Law of Gratitude allows you to celebrate others because there is enough light for everyone. Let your GRATITUDE shine! When you have a spirit of gratitude you eliminate the mindset of not enough or scarcity. You know that you live in an unlimited Universe where everything is available to you.

Acknowledge that nature is lavish in her supply and that your wish is always her command. Know today that when you embrace The Law of Gratitude you give yourself the freedom to eliminate failure and bondage from your environment. As you walk with a spirit of Gratitude know that all things are possible. You are a possibility.

Dr. Lucille Farrell Scott
Power of Now Conference

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